“Real Memories” is a narrative virtual reality short film about a psychotherapist who manipulates his patient’s memories.

BMW / Mini and KKLD approached director Gevorg Karensky in search of a cinema quality narrative short film, viewable in stereoscopic 360°. This project was the first of its kind. It demanded that the best cameras available on the market be utilized to deliver the desired dynamic range. The final film had to be flawless, devoid of any stitching artifacts, even when characters crossed from camera to camera in close proximity.

The project was extremely complex. Before the script was finalized by director Gevorg Karensky, the Bipolar Id team had already begun researching how to build a camera rig capable of such a gargantuan task. After three months of R&D they had built a proprietary VR stitching pipeline nicknamed ‘Bipolar Stitch’.

The final project was filmed with 9 Red Dragon cameras, each filming at 6K with a combined resolution of 30K . By the time the project reached postproduction, the cameras had collected a whopping 200TB of data. To process such a large volume of information, Bipolar Id built a custom supercomputer network — 200 cores, 200 GB of RAM, and 96GB of GPU all optimized for Virtual Reality.

By the time the project was color graded and finalized, it had generated over 1,000,000 unique frames.

The final film became the highest quality live action VR experience in the industry.



Creative Supervision
KKLD Berlin

Gevorg Karensky

Gevorg Karensky, Nate Eggert

Nick Sutherland Dodd, Aurelian Simon, Cathy Peng, Christian Grandi

Executive Producers
Michelle Craig, Robert Bader, Stephan Bader, Rafa Montilla

Director of Photography
Pancho Alcaine

Gevorg Karensky

Martin Richardson, Jonathan Mellor, Christina Guillen

Line Producer
Anahi Puig

Production Manager
Yolanda Gata, Marketa Hrusecka

1st Assistant Director
Carles Valero

Production Coordinator
Jone Muniz

Production Designer
Ana Alvargonzales

Wardrobe Sylist
Miriam Ibanez

Makeup & Hairdresser
Nataliya Montoya

Casting Director UK
Sasha Robertson

Casting Director Spain
Luci Lenox

Red Dragon VR Rig
Luis Flores Jr., Blair Stratton Paulsen, Dominic Perreira, Nick Lantz, George Ortea, Tonaci Tran

Custom VR Car Rig
David Crone

José Luis Rodríguez

Post Producers
Rory Mathieson, Sean Chung

Sound Design & Music
Box of Toys


Service Production

VR Post Production & CGI
Bipolar Id

VR Colour Grade
Bipolar Id