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For this project, we were tasked with creating an experience that captures Italy’s magical floating city, Venice, from a unique 360° perspective.

The experience begins in Piazza San Marco, where viewers can orient themselves with the city’s architecture and style before escaping the crowds to take a trip along the Grand Canal. 

Viewers then flow into more intimate moments along narrow and winding canals, on a slowly rocking gondola. The trip finishes looking over the water from the docks of Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore, at the Basilica di Santa Maria. 

The experience creates a meditative state of mind in its escapist form and visual aesthetic. 

One of the greatest challenges in creating this piece was remaining discrete, and capturing the city candidly, with such a visually engaging camera rig. Most people's first instinct when they first see our multi-camera setups is curiosity. Thus, placing the rig so that it seemed unseen, while still remaining central in a public space, proved challenging.

Another challenge we faced involved shooting aboard smaller watercraft. There was the possibility that the gentle rocking caused by the natural waves of the water would result in seasickness in viewers, who would not experience the corresponding physical sensation. However, through stabilization technology and placement techniques, we were able to turn the rocking into an effect that is immersive and that adds to the overall charm of the experience.


Back in the studio, for post production we used our proprietary stitching solution, to merge multiple Sony A7R II cameras into a single 360° film.

The color grade process was done with a completely different technical approach and mindset. By implementing a photographic grading approach, we transcoded each frame of the film into a 

single still image. Then, each and every still image went through a special grading process. The thousands of still images were reassembled back to create the final film.

The end result is an unprecedented quality and feeling of a high resolution, high dynamic range still image photograph, in form of a 360° film. 

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Natasha Pierson

VR Supervisor
Matthew Givot