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In the Hawaii "Traveller of Time" 360° experience, we aimed to bring our audience to some of Hawaii’s more difficult to access locations. Witness live 1,600° F lava flowing and seeping into the ocean as it slowly create a new landmass. 

Explore surrounding volcanic fields so vast and intricate they appear to be an alien planet. When you’re ready to relax, meditate atop a log near a meandering creek within Hawaii’s lushest forest.

For this project, our client wanted more than just a promotional experience; they wanted a unique and immersive 360° film with a visual aesthetic of some of the most iconic images of Hawaii. 

Before setting out to film, we performed extensive research on Hawaii’s major islands to create a camera rig system that would be the most efficient for the geographical location and weather and provide the best image quality and dynamic range . 

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Filming this project proved to be a physical challenge unlike any the we had tackled before. Reaching some of the locations seen in the experience demanded hours of hiking with heavy camera equipment. 

Once on location, nature posed its own unique challenges. The extreme heat emanating from Hawaii’s lava fields constantly threatened our camera equipment. 

We used our proprietary stitching solution for the Sony A7R II camera rig. The shots that had sway because of the wind were stabilized using our newest digital stabilization technique creating a fluid and smooth feeling.

Through a process of pixel detail isolation we are able to bring out the full detail of the environments while preserving an extremely high dynamic range. The end result is a video with the quality of a still, high resolution image.