To celebrate the launch of Google Daydream, we paired up with B-Reel Films to create an immersive 360° stereoscopic experience. The film, directed by Gevorg Karensky, transports viewers on a journey through vivid 6K stereoscopic imagery, showcasing Daydream’s powerful display capabilities for high-end VR content and exploring human perception as it relates to VR content. 

Entitled “Daydream” after the newly released headset, the experience is now demoing across 10,000 retail locations around the globe and comes pre-loaded on every new Google Pixel phone. 

“Placement is extremely important and when executed correctly, a magical sense is created.”

Emnet Mulugeta, Art Director

Camera placement and shot blocking are two challenges faced by every filmmaker working in 360°. Since the viewer is free to look around, we developed methods to organically attract their attention. Our team had to examine how shot timing and composition affect human perception in virtual reality. 

We were able to instantly transports viewers through a a quick montage following different characters in diverse locations, while sustaining a strong emotional connection.

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The project was captured using the Google Jump camera rig, filming in 6K stereo at 60 frames per second. The rig’s custom firmware synchronized 16 GoPro HERO4 cameras, enabling them to shoot and operate as a single unit.  

To make sure that the Director and the team could see the results in real time, we used our proprietary virtual reality live viewing tools to enable the crew to review each shot instantly. This helped the team zero in on the viewer’s experience, and adjust shot elements before moving on to the next shot. 

Google’s Jump Assembler software stitched footage from the 16 camera feeds into a single stereoscopic VR experience, saving weeks of post production.

Additional in-house methods were used for color grading, and compositing animated elements into stereoscopic 360° video.

As a partner of Google VR, Bipolar is one of the only three companies to own a Google Jump camera system.




B-Reel Creative

BR•F & Bipolar Id

Gevorg Karensky

Megan Gutman

Executive Producer
Jason Botkin

Executive Producer
Mei-lin Rawlinson

Agency Producer
Sarah Leimbach

Art Director
Emnet Mulgeta

VR Supervisor
Matthew Givot

VR Live Stitch
Brian Stone

VR Tech
Chris Beglin