Carnival Vista is a branded virtual reality project featuring Youtube and Vine celebrity Zach King for the launch of the largest and most expensive cruise ship to date the Carnival “Vista”. “Collaborating with someone of Zach’s success not only opens doors to a proven fan base, but an opportunity to innovate fun, poppy visual effects in the frontier world of Virtual Reality.”

It is composed of multiple short VR clips in true Zach King style that show off cool magic tricks that Zach does while taking the audience through multiple spaces in a tour aboard the ship.
The pieces have also been gamified to have the audience stay and explore by asking them to look for hidden easter eggs in every scene. 


“Partnering with experts in VR and creative concepts has really enabled Carnival Cruise Line to stay at the cutting edge of immersive marketing.”



The project was filmed on a Sony A7S II 360 VR rig using 4 cameras with 180 degree lenses on each body. The feeds from the cameras were live fed through a custom laptop for the agency and client to be able to view Zach’s performance in real time through an Oculus Rift headset.

We were very interested in helping bring the project to life as it was an exciting opportunity to incorporate visual effects and create all in camera magic tricks. In order to make this happen multiple plates had to be filmed for each performance and with the constantly changing exterior lighting conditions it proved to be another challenge. 

Because of the nature of Zack King’s trademark magical tricks, the performances were shot using multiple takes technique with lots of elements filmed on greenscreen and composited into the 360 live action photographic plates. Although in the performance scenes they appear to be together and even act together, they were never actually next to each other.

Every character was shot on separate plates and sometimes even never saw each other on set. During post production all the separate elements were combined and merged together to create one seamless 360 degree magical performance scene. 

The Vista Effect 360º video created about 400,000
social media impressions in 3 days.


Carnival Cruiseline

Arnold Worldwide

Agency Producer
Tia DeMelis

Creative Directors
Armen Perian, Zach King

Production Company
Bipolar Id

VR Supervisor
David Crone

Zach King

Post Production
Bipolar Id

Sound Design
Machine Room